Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bikini Contest Prep // THE PLAN

I started working out with my trainer this week and it's been very challenging.  I'm training to enter a fitness bikini contest that is just shy of 15 weeks away- July 5.  This post is a brief overview of the training plan so that you can get started too.  If you want a bikini body this summer, you need to start working on it now!  As the weeks progress, if the plan changes, I'll let you know.  I will also break down the exercises into more specific details in future posts.  

For now, here's the plan: 



Workout 3 days a week with my trainer (1 hour sessions, hitting all body parts in those 3 sessions).  The workouts consist of plyometrics- also known as "jump training" based on having your muscles exert maximum force in as short a time as possible.  The result is to make you burn calories and fat, seeing body-shaping results sooner as your muscles adapt to more challenging fitness workouts.  We have been doing 3 exercises in quick succession (12-20 reps) followed by a 2-minute rest.  We've been doing 4 rounds of this, so 12 different exercises in all.  This kind of workout really gets your heart pumping and I'm gasping for breath by the end of each set.  But not so much so that I'm getting light headed or going to pass out.  My trainer said in 3 weeks, my conditioning will be greatly improved and these first workouts will seem easy.  I'm trying to remember the specific exercises so I can write about them in more detail later. 


I do 4- 30 minute cardio sessions per week on my own.  I usually do the treadmill (sprints - 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off at a 8.0 mph or walk at an incline of 21 at 2.1 - 2.5 speed without holding on.)  Or I get on the stair master and alternate between 60-80.


I do an ab routine right before cardio 4 times a week.  


I take all the same vitamins and supplements I posted about with the addition of glutamine (for muscle recovery).  I haven't bought the glutamine yet, but will soon. 


I haven't had to change my eating at all since I've been on a solid meal plan for the last 7 weeks.  My trainer said that we're going to see how I do with the exercise and cardio first, without changing my diet.  Then, we'll add more cardio and/or adjust my diet as necessary.

Here's what my meals look like now:

7:00 a.m.  Protein pancake (1/2 cup oatmeal w/ 4-5 egg whites w/ 1 tblsp natural peanut butter and 1 tblsp sugar free syrup.  Coffee with vanilla caramel creamer.

9:30 a.m.   Lean protein (appx. 4 oz), 1 cup veggies, 1/3 cup brown rice

12:00 p.m.  Protein shake

3:00 p.m.  Lean protein (appx. 4 oz), 1 cup veggies, 1/3 cup brown rice

6:00 p.m.  Lean protein (appx. 4 oz), 1 cup veggies

8:30 p.m.  Greek yogurt

This is a general guideline.  I still use condiments and seasonings.  Snacks include cashew, apple or celery with natural peanut butter.

(My meals vary week to week, right now I'm eating my Tex Mex but have added brown rice and bell peppers and I also steamed asparagus to eat on the side). 


Whoa! That's really low, right?!  My trainer explained that the goal of our training plan is to decrease body fat while increasing muscle mass.  He understands that the "bikini" girls are not supposed to be huge, just fit/athletic-looking with visible abs.  He commented that most people come to him in less good shape than I'm already in, but there is still a lot of work to do. 

I really like his approach though because he advises that the process should be enjoyable and I shouldn't feel miserable or like I'm dying.  He's careful to let me take a break when we're working out when he sees that I need it, but he's still super challenging.  I can tell you I wouldn't workout this hard with plyometrics if I didn't have a trainer.  I do enjoy (for the most part) my meals and eating healthy. Like most people, I have a lot of stresses in my life.  My dad is sick (but healed in Jesus' name), my mom is worried sick, my brother is going through stuff and life can be hard in general.  God, the power of prayer, keeping tight with my family, and working out HARD are my stress relievers.  I am thankful that God made me capable of exercise, that I have the physical ability to do it.  

We will measure my body fat on Friday, so we'll see where I am now.  I am so curious to see what my body will look like as we continue.  


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