Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bikini Competition Prep (15 Weeks Out)

I have always wanted to enter one of those fitness bikini competitions, but never have.  My first one will be July 5, 2014!

Jamie Eason has been my inspiration because she is short like me and I admired her physique, thinking mine could look similar if I really dedicated myself.

I know that to get in that kind of shape, you have to train hard consistently, but equally as important, you have to eat in a very regimented way (5-6 small meals a day with a specific balance of protein, carbs and fat).  I never thought I had the discipline to sustain that kind of lifestyle for any length of time so I let that goal go, and went on with life, but continued working out and tried to stay in shape.  But, back of my mind, I always wished I would have gone for my goal and wondered, "What if?".  

Last year, my cousin began competing in fitness competitions (over age 40!) and she recently visited from California, encouraging me to enter one this year as well.  She helped me get online and find a contest close to home that I could train for.  A "typical" training period is 12 weeks (for those who have done them before), but I chose a competition that is currently 15 weeks away (July 5 to be exact), and I start training with a trainer 3 days a week starting tomorrow- Monday, March 24- and I'll also workout on my own.  My trainer will prepare a meal plan for me.  Since I have been eating really clean and 5 meals a day for the last 7 weeks, I'm more mentally prepared to keep it up through the contest prep time.  We'll see . . . .


Here is what I look like now (15 weeks out from the July 5 competition):  As you can see, I have quite a bit of muscle to gain.  I'm 5'1 and weigh about 110 now. 

I'm super excited to see how I can develop my body in this amount of time and I'm happy to be reaching for one of my "bucket list" goals, even if it doesn't make sense to anyone else. This is a perfect time for me to train for this competition because I'm currently staying home and my son is in pre-school part of the day.  I take care of our household, keep up my two blogs (this one and Honey We're Home), and help out my parents, but I'm the kind of person who likes to have lots going on, accomplishing things throughout the day.  

I'll have to figure the training out as we go since my son's school ends in May.  I know that lots of women do this kind of training while working full-time, but I don't know how they do it (especially when they have kids too)!  


For background, in terms of female fitness competitions there are several divisions in the NPC (National Physique Committee of the USA) and I will be competing in the "bikini" division. 

Bodybuilding- extreme, big, bulky muscles (think women with muscles as big or bigger than men)

Physique- similar to bodybuilding, but toned down a few notches

Fitness- very lean and muscular, but no extreme bulk or veins and requires a 2-minute routine scored for strength, flexibility, and cardio/tempo

Figure- small degree of muscularity with separation, but no visible striations, overall muscle tone with shapely lines, firmness; lean but not excessively ripped. Overall appearance including make-up, suit and skin tone is part of the package. Muscular but still feminine; definitely not as much size as a bodybuilder.

Bikini- very athletic and fit with balance and shape, usually with visible abs


POSING SUITS: Bikini contest posing suits (two-piece) for am prejudging must be brought to check-in and be approved by the Head Judge. The bottom of the suit should be in good taste – not too low in front and covering 50% of the gluteus area (bring a second suit with a more modest bottom, just in case). Bikini suits should be “off the rack” types. Thong suits are not allowed. Competitors must wear high heels. Jewelry may be worn (think tasteful). 

You should bring a second suit in case there are questions about a suit style or some other mishap occurs. Emphasis is on “tasteful”, remember these are family shows. There are also a variety of different products to temporarily glue your suit to your body. 

HAIR / MAKEUP: While there are no rules on how to wear your hair, just remember that judges cannot judge what they cannot see. Remember to move your hair aside so the judges can see your back development. For makeup, the more finished and feminine you appear, the better your overall presentation. Keep in mind your face and body tan should blend. 

POSES: The bikini swimsuit round will consist of the model walk at center stage – front stance with hand on hip, full turn to a back stance with hand on hip, and return to front stance. No lewd acts are permitted and will result in disqualification. 

SCORING: The scoring for bikini will be done during prejudging in one round –two-piece. Live scoring at the night show consists of front/back turns. 

Judges will be scoring competitors using the following criteria: 1) Balance and Shape; 2) Overall physical appearance including complexion, skin tone, poise and overall presentation.
I will be tracking my progress here and will share my training regimen and diet as I prepare.  Kinda scared for my first training session tomorrow . . . . . 

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