Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Workout Shoes & Self Tanner

Two things last week have given my workouts a little boost- new shoes and self-tanner. ;)  I'm a big fan of ASICS running shoes and asked for a new pair for my birthday.  Love this pop of orange and pink!   Good energy for working out! I got mine at Sports Authority on sale for $99 (Gel Evate) hot pink/white/sunshine.

but these below are similar at Nordstrom for the same price. 

A good pair of shoes is an investment that serves you well.  

On another note, I like being tan, but understand that tanning beds aren't good for you so I'm staying out.  I will be at the pool this summer, but until then I'm using self-tanner.  My girlfriend told me she buys Sephora Tinted Self Tanning Body Mist by the case and swears by it, so I picked up a bottle.   (Thanks Angela!) 

After using it twice, I'm a convert.  This is the first spray tanner I've used and it's so much easier than rubbing in a lotion!  I just showered and dried off really well, then stepped back into the shower to spray the tanner on.  There is a light scent, but it doesn't smell bad like some tanners.  I will definitely keep using this one. 

Do you feel better tanned too?  What self tanner do you like?

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