Tuesday, 24 September 2013

ASICS Running Shoe

I'm surprised I've had this blog so long and haven't talked athletic shoes with you!  My all-time favorite running/workout shoe is ASICS.  I've been wearing them for years because they are so well constructed, fit my foot perfectly, no weird arch, and plenty of cushion.   I'm crazy for this new design series (GT) in bright pink and orange. 

My current shoe is the ASICS Women's GT-1000 in silver, purple, and aqua.  I found mine at Academy, but they also sell them on Amazon.  At about $100 ($62.60 on Amazon with free shipping), I consider this type of shoe an investment because if my shoes are uncomfortable, don't fit well or wear out too easily, it affects my workout negatively.  I do run in these shoes, but I'm not training for any marathons (although I think you could with these shoes). 

What athletic shoe do you love?

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